Monday, April 15, 2013


Tim Horton's Coffee and Bake Shop on W 34th Street near 7th Avenue sits at a transportation hub for New York City. Penn Station is a block away, out of town buses load and unload nearby, city buses and taxis, prevalent throughout the city, cluster here to serve the new arrivals. People also wait for the same trains, buses, and taxis. To enjoy their fresh coffee and donut during their wait they must discard their chewing gum. Unfortunately, for hygiene but fortunately for us, they drop it on the sidewalk. These sticky discards darken as they age, collecting dirt and grime and displaying a scatterplot of these messy leavings. Many wads have been dropped near the shop's window and fewer in less concentrated semi-circular arcs moving away from the window. The window seems to be the central point for some transportation queue. Here is left on the sidewalk another truncated view of a circular scatterplot of impatient deposits.

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