Monday, May 20, 2013

YADDA lunch-time

Yet Another Door Distribution Again. Here is a side entrance door to a building on our campus. During the academic year I pass through these doors several times a week to go to lunch.
Only just recently have I taken notice of the wear pattern on the doors. This is the handle of the right hand door of two. It has the most wear, being opened primarily with right hands. Most wear is at a comfortable height to grab. Less wear can be seen higher as the top of the door handle ends. But there is also less wear lower on the handle as fewer hands grab the handle at a less comfortable height. Lower still there is little or no wear. There it is difficult and awkward to open the door with such a low grab. Top to bottom down the door handle we see less wear, more wear, and then less wear. What accumulates is a bell-shaped pattern of use and wear.

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