Monday, March 24, 2014

Quantifying Selfies is a project that quantifies many aspects of selfie portraits in five cities around the world in plots of various frequency distributions. The image above shows a dot plot of the estimated age of selfie subjects. In this image 61.6% of the selfies analyzed are from women and 36.7% are from men. The average estimated age of the women is 23.3 years and for men 26.7 years. Scrolling over the dots in this plot show the actual selfie that is measured.
This image assesses the mood of the selfies and plots them on a smile scale from frowning to smiling. Another plot shows the smiles ratings across the cities.
There are even plots that assess the tilt of the subjects head in the selfie, showing that on average women tilt their heads more than men. This is a fun project. Perhaps some of the participants could use the Selfie Help Book!

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