Monday, June 1, 2015

Draw Your Own

The New York Times column "The Upshot" has an interactive experiment of drawing your perceptions of how poverty affects college admissions. They provide the axes: x = poverty income percentile and y = percent of children who attended college. Your job is to select points to estimate what percentage of children attended college for each parents' income percentile, producing a line running, most predictably, from low college attendance for low income up to higher attendance for higher income. Along the way your line must pass through the point of 58% college attendance for the 50th percentile of income. Is your line straight, concave up, concave down, S-shaped, etc? Draw your guess, they say. The best part is that your guess is shown with a shaded aggregate of over 60,000 others, with darker color indicating greater frequency. It's a great image, but I won't be a spoiler for the game. Much like an image of a percentile regression. Try it out and see for yourself.

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