Monday, August 17, 2015


Here's another picture of the entry door to Sonny's BBQ in Sanford, Florida. You can see the vertical wear pattern of the many hands that have held open the door. The most frequent use is on the brown wood of the door. Those hands have left grease and grime that has mixed with the finish on the door producing a mottled white central portion of a bell-shaped curve. The lower tail of the bell-curve comes from the polishing that hands have done on the door's copper entry plate. The break between the mottled white pattern and the polished copper tail seems to fall at the inflection point of the bell-curve. Properties of the normal curve tell us that the wear beyond the inflection point in the copper tail accounts for about 16% of the total wear. The corresponding upper inflection point seems to fall just were the mottled white pattern ends. This also indicates about 16% of wear in the upper tail. These divisions likely correspond to the normal distribution of the height of hands as they open the door, perhaps just below shoulder level.

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